Mar 20, 2011 / 20 notes

Ok Apple, a lot of people accused you of being smug assholes during the “I’m a Mac” ad campaign. I stood by you, and even defended you by saying it was all in good fun. This ad reaches an entire new level of smug:

"If you don’t have an iPhone…well, you don’t have an iPhone"

We all know how much of a status symbol your phone is, there is no reason for you to create an entire elitist advertising campaign around it.

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    This is true. ^ When I worked at Best Buy Mobile, I loved talking people out of buying the iPhone. My favorite line to...
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  3. twilightfoxxpast said: The company believes it should have an open mind towards other technologies. We focus on the Why you should go Apple, instead of the Why you shouldn’t go xxxxxx. The ad simply shows what capabilities the iPhone has that others don’t.
  4. k-troll said: "Want to act like an asshole? WELL THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT."
  5. cryrvrs said: I am an Apple lover but this ad put a bad taste in my mouth.
  6. sickmainstreamdream said: THANK YOU!!!!!!!! Apple is growing more and more irritating!
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